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      The LIMS system is based on the analysis of test work as the core, including a sample analysis as the main line from the sample login, registration management, analysis and testing, statistical analysis of the data to the output of the basic processes of management, rather than simply to browse information using OA.


      According to the main features of the LIMS system, according to the actual conditions in the laboratory, to establish their own LIMS system of enterprise effectively, realize the unified data analysis problems of resource sharing, reasonable transmission, objective evaluation, supervision right. The reasonable integration and unification of the data of all kinds of analytical instruments has become an urgent problem to be solved in the construction of laboratory information management (LIMS) system.


      This is a great deal of experience has long been engaged in various types of enterprise information automation based on the accumulation, development, analysis, improvement and gradually formed a complete set of all kinds of analysis of reasonable integration and unification of equipment data validity and practicality of the laboratory information management system (LIMS) model, namely; to analyze the devices or manual data input the underlying data source (integrated analysis software), a common laboratory computer center management database server CS architecture based on IC/MC/S model.


      LIMS system for the enterprise to provide a practical, small investment, effective block, reliable and stable LIMS system platform.

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